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Hmm, let's see. Starting with this review, I think I'm going to start being more organized with how I comment on things. If you've read my other posts, you probably saw how disorganized I was with everything, since I wasn't really following any structure whatsoever. But now, well, I guess I'm just gonna start separating things. 


Name: Out of Sight
Developer: GlassHeart (also developed Signed X, Summer Found Me)
Release Date: August 30, 2015
Genre: GxB, Supernatural, Romance

Out of Sight. I've had this visual novel in my laptop since it was released, but I only got to play it last night, on Halloween. Considering that it's a supernatural VN, I'm really glad that I put off playing this. I wasn't aware of that at first, though! Oh, and this game was created by GlassHeart, who also developed Signed X and Summer Found Me. GlassHeart still has one other game, Trapped, which I think I'll try out one of these days.


First of all, I would like to say that I really enjoyed this visual novel. In fact, I enjoyed it so much that I decided to get all 7 endings. It wasn't really hard, though, since the game is pretty short (I think I finished the whole thing-- including all 7 endings-- in an hour and a half. Or maybe just an hour.) It was really quite enjoyable, though! In terms of horror, I don't like supernatural stuff very much, because they don't scare me at all, but I still am fan of supernatural love stories, such as this one. Hahaha.

Writing-wise, it was alright. I noticed a few typos here and there, but they didn't take me away from the story. That's the only reason why I don't like typos very much. Too many typos can be very distracting, after all.

I sure was!
Now, as for the plot... well, I liked it! The plot is basically this: a girl loses her glasses while she's resting at a park. Since she's practically blind without them on, she gets help from either one of two guys that she meets at the park. Soon enough, she finds something about the guys that's pretty much out of the ordinary. (I bet you can guess what that is, huh?) Oh, yeah, and if you make the correct choices, you and the guy will end up falling in love with each other . The End.

It's pretty weird, since I always say that I dislike whirlwind romances because they're too unrealistic, but I liked this one. Okay, they do happen in real life, but they're very rare, and they're not always portrayed correctly. Now, if the romance here in Out of Sight isn't a good example of that, then I don't know what is. However, the romance in Out of Sight actually took place after a week or two, I think, but since it's a very short game, the scenes in between weren't shown anymore, making it seem like the protagonist, Lina, and one of the guys-- either Orion or Caleb-- took just a day or two to fall in love.

I think I am?
Anyway, as for the obtainables, I actually like both of them. I liked Caleb better, because he seemed like the more interesting one, but he can be too serious at times. Meanwhile, I didn't like Orion very much at first, because he seemed pretty obnoxious. In theory, I'd choose Caleb over Orion any day, but who likes seriousness ALL the time? Near the end of the game, I was actually starting to like Orion more.

This is a huge spoiler, so read this paragraph at your own risk. In order to unlock the legit endings in both routes, Lina must die. However, I don't really like how Lina dies in Orion's route, because it seems to come from out of nowhere. I literally did not see it coming. Well, she didn't either (she got hit by a car), but her death in the story felt pretty shallow to me. It's like the opposite of a deus ex machina, with her dying just to have a climax in the story, as opposed to her being saved from an unpleasant situation.

Like I said, there are seven endings in this game. Since this is already starting to become quite a long post, I'll just put my endings review in a different blog post.


out of sight otome visual novel review
With glasses.
I think the reason why I put off playing this for so long, aside from the fact that I was busy and I didn't think this was going to be a short game, was because I didn't like the art that much. Haha, I'm so sorry for being so shallow sometimes. But yeah, the art is nothing spectacular, though I did like the filtered effect on... well, practically everything. There's a different filter used whenever the protagonist has no eyeglasses, and I just love how the sprites and backgrounds blended together. 

out of sight otome visual novel review
Without glasses.
Although my eyes actually hurt reading this, because I too have myopia, -6.75 and -7.50 plus astigmatism to top it off, so seeing blurred stuff makes me dizzy. =) I can only remove my glasses for a few minutes at a time, else I get all dizzy. (I usually wear contacts though, and only use glasses when I'm at home, so it's no big deal.) However, since this visual novel had a lot of blurry parts, my brain probably thought that I was looking at something without wearing my glasses, so it decided to make me feel dizzy to remind me that I should be wearing them. Oh, brain.


I liked the music in this game, especially the tracked used in the opening scenes. In the scene where she was reading a book by the lake, the song was so summer-y that I felt like I was being transported to the beach in my mind. Hahaha. Meanwhile, the track used whenever Lina was conversing with the dudes was pretty heavy, although it did add a lot to the game's atmosphere. However, it gets pretty nerve-wracking if you listen to it for a prolonged period of time, so... please don;t.


out of sight otome visual novel review

The GUI is very simple, but I loved it. I just like how it matches the overall feel of the game so well. I mean, just look at the screenshot above. It's so simple, yet it's so nice. And it's super responsive too! I think fancy GUIs are really pretty, but I don't like how they can be so laggy sometimes. I know my laptop isn't a dedicated gaming laptop, but if it can play games like L4D or F.E.A.R pretty well, then it's pretty disappointing when a VN lags simply because of GUI. And yeah, I kinda like simple GUIs. :) I'm a fan of minimalism, sometimes. This is the kind of minimalism that I like.


Hmm. I don't think there are any extra things I would like to note for thi-- ah. Right. If you get all seven endings, there's a secret ending waiting for you if you replay the game! :) It's a nice little easter egg, if you ask me. Also, if you replay the game over and over, you'll start to notice some... things. I don't want to spoil you, but if you're going to be playing this game, better play it thoroughly!


Whew, I didn't know this was going to be so long. Looks like for me, structured =  long. </3 Oh Ran, hahaha. Anyway, I definitely enjoyed this game. Even though it's not one of those long games that will stay in your mind for a long time afterwards, I do think it deserves a good read. Especially during this time.

You can download the game here.

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