Visual Novel Project: Once Upon A Hallow's Eve



To celebrate with one final out-of-town trip before their last semester in the university, a 20-year-old graduating student and her friends decide to go hiking up a popular mountain. However, along the way, a minor landslide occurs, knocking her unconscious. When she wakes up, she finds herself alone in a dark and scary forest, with a broken cellphone and an injured leg. Looking for shelter, she finds a strange and haunted-looking mansion looming up ahead. Will she find comfort within the four ancient walls of the mansion, or will she discover something far more sinister than she had ever known?


Nameable Protagonist

A 20-year-old literature student at the university. She has a lot of confidence in herself, which can be mistaken for plain conceit by some. She can be quite superstitious too, never disregarding the signs and omens that she sees-- or sometimes, seems to see. Waking up in the middle of the forest with a broken phone and an equally broken leg may not have gotten the worst out of her, but will three mysterious boys in an equally mysterious mansion do?


The first of the three mysterious brothers. Even though he’s only 23 years old, Viktor has made it his responsibility to take care of his two “baby” brothers. He’s very nice and always has a warm smile on his face. Viktor can be sort of a jokester and a prankster at times, which can be strange in contrast to his usually serious and calm demeanor.


Vonn is the second of the "mysterious" brothers, being around 22 years of age. He tends to be a grump about everything, and often clashes with his brothers because of this. It's hard to get to know him because he usually shuts people down even before they could say a single word. He’s rarely a talkative person, but when he does talk, it can be pretty hard to shut him up.


At 19 years old, Vern is the youngest of the brothers. He's actually rather friendly, although he may come across as antisocial at first. Despite his quiet personality, like his oldest brother, he likes jokes and funny punch lines. A lot. Behind his innocent smile and aura, though, the youngest brother could be hiding something deeper, and our protagonist is out to discover just what that is.


Script: Ran08
Sprites & CGs: Erumin
Logo: sasquatchii
Ideabouncing: Natasha




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  1. Hi, I am a teenager. I just play this game and I really like this game. I end up with Viktor's good ending. Oh.. and may I know if there is another games like this? Thank you.


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