Visual Novel Review: Pizz'Amore


Pizz'Amore is a short visual novel set in a pizzeria in the heart of New York City.

pizz'amore visual novel review

- I like how you can play as both a girl, Maria, and a boy, Mario, in this game. While I am not usually a fan of BxG games, sometimes, especially when a game is interesting, I like seeing things from a guy's perspective.

pizz'amore visual novel review

- The voice acting was superb! I absolutely love Dough's and Mario's voices-- both were really quite hot and had their own appeal to me. The female voices were also nicely done. I'd say that voice acting is probably the strongest point in the game. Without it, this game wouldn't be half as good as it is now, in my honest opinion.

- The art style was quite nice. I didn't like the default outfit of the twins, but the option to change those outfits was a really nice touch. Oh, and a tidbit for those of you who still haven't discovered it: the personality of the twins changes slightly depending on the outfits you choose for them! It's another good quirk of this game, one that I really find adorable. They can go from sexy, to cute, to shy... oh so adorable.

pizz'amore visual novel review

- I like the GUI! It was really nice and responsive, and I think it fit the game rather well.

- The story was a bit too fast-paced, especially the scenes in the Maria's GxB route. Just a disclaimer: I'm actually a bit biased on this one, since I'm the kind of girl who likes taking it slow when it comes to romance. Hahaha. But, yeah, Mario's routes were a bit better in the sense that there was some sort of development between the characters, unlike in Maria's routes where she just kinda rushed headfirst, at least in my opinion.

- Compared to the really cute GUI... come on, main menu. Why did you have to let me down.

pizz'amore visual novel review


So, that's about it for my review. It's been a long time since I last posted, huh. Things are quite... busy, nowadays? I think it's been this way ever since I started attending uni, but, yeah. Pizz'Amore is quite a fun, fluffy, and most importantly, short game, so it's definitely a nice way to take a break from the stress of daily life.

Oh, and by the way, I was initially deluded into thinking that this game involves making pizza, so I was a bit disappointed when I realized that there was no pizza-making involved at all. Be warned.

8/10 strawberries! I am looking forward to the sequel, which will apparently cover Dough's story in more detail. Oooooh. Sounds interesting.

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  1. Speaking of sequels,Ex Astris episode 3 came out recently. :)


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