Visual Novel Review: The Iron Heart Witch


Bad news: We actually don't have internet yet. I'm at a computer shop in my university right now. ^^ The people at our previous network said that they couldn't possibly connect us to a lined internet, and since a capped pocket wifi won't do us any good, we just decided to subscribe to another network. It'll be another week of waiting, I think. Hopefully it works this time.

Anyway... on with the review!

The Iron Heart Witch is a short fairy tale type kinetic novel. It's only a beta but it's actually bug-free already, I think.

This short KN is a retelling of that depressing urban legend type of story where two people will fall in love with each other, only for love to tragically pull them apart. Well, almost.


The Iron Heart Witch is a story within a story, and thus it's presented as a theatre production, which is brilliant by the way. Hahaha.

The main story is your standard fare; cliché and used too many times before. I've actually heard a lot of variants to this story. I'll spoil one for you. 

Boy leaves for a trip. Girl receives bad news about the boy. Girl does something tragic, like suicide. Boy turns out to be alive and well, but girl is no longer both. End of story. 

See? I'm sure even you have heard of something like this before. However, TIHW gives this a twist, and I really like it even though it's so depressing and tragic, in a way. Although I've always hated this story because the girl is just... so dumb. Argh.

I mean seriously. Why can't the girls in this story be patient? And I'm not just talking about The Iron Heart Witch story; I'm talking about every variant of this story. The girls always receive some tragic news and they always do something even more tragic, just because they insist on immediately reacting (badly) to the situation. My goodness.

I would have loved it if this wasn't a KN, so I could at least make something change in this depressing story. But no, I had to sit back and watch her make a fool of herself.

Haha, I have to make it clear that I'm not just simply talking about TIHW, okay? :) I'm talking about the story in general. ^^

Art-wise, it was nice! The creator made no use of faces, but the art itself is done very well. I like the art style very much! Hopefully I get to see this in more VNs. Haha.

Presentation is where this visual novel truly shines. The whole story is made to look like an on-stage drama, like a theater production. And it absolutely achieved that look. Heck, it topped that look. It was really amazing in that aspect, and I found myself awestruck at the wonderful animations.

Heck, I look forward to “sequels” of this visual novel! I'm talking about a retelling of another old, cliché story? Or even an urban legend! I wouldn't mind. Hahaha. I just found the “theater-looking” aspect really cool. That was actually the main reason I enjoyed this kinetic novel.

Writing-wise, it was fine. I had a few gripes though, like with the ellipses and some awkward wordings. For the most part, it was okay. :)

I also liked the customized yet simple GUI, even though I wasn't a huge fan of the font and the VN's  resolution, which is a bit too small for me.

Anyway, the creator, Mirrodothack, has other projects that I'm really looking forward to. Hahaha. Expect to see reviews of them in the future. ^^

I give this kinetic novel 7 out of 10 strawberries. I really loved the cool presentation and the awesome presentation, but the story sort of falls flat. Although I still commend the writer for putting a twist to this old story, haha, which is kinda cool in its own regard.

P.S. I don't have many screenshots on me right now, but I'll make sure to update this post with more pictures once we get our internet up and running.

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  1. This looks pretty cool,I'm going to try it out :>


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