Kinetic Novel Review: Ambre (NanoRenO)


First of all... I want to say that this kinetic novel is... extremely... beautiful.

Yeah, beautiful. That's the only word that kept running through my mind near the end of the story.

The first parts are a different thing, however. I actually had dozens of thoughts and theories swirling through my mind while reading this. Seriously. I'm not a very "cussy" person, haha, but for the most part, I was thinking, "WTF?!"

But, I digress.

Tristan Malory is an ordinary salary-man, caught into the same routine of “commute, work, sleep” since the departure of his wife. That is until he meets Ambre, a sweet and naïve little girl who happens to be homeless. Touched, he decides to shelter her for the moment. As Tristan learns to live with his new mate, things become stranger and stranger…

Ambre is a short kinetic novel by the organization Traumendes Madchen.

- The story is simply... mind-blowing. Hahaha. At first I was like, "Wtf?!" but then, when I realized what was happening, I was... shocked. Haha. To be perfectly honest, I already made up a lot of theories in my mind as to what the real story behind Ambre is. I actually hit it, hahaha, but it still feels so... mind-blowing. Hahaha.

To be honest, I didn't know what to think of this at all. At first, it started out a bit innocently, but I was worried that... it would go to pedophilia, which I wasn't too willing to read about. However, the powerful twist here is that... *no spoilers*

- The art is okay. :) I especially like the CGs-- oh wait. Most of the time, the story was set in NVL mode, so you don't always get to see the pretty art clearly. However... I like the art style. It's sort of uncommon in visual novels, though, so for me it's quite unique.

- Characterization is good! I managed to differentiate them easily through their voices and personalities. Tristan's character is a really complex individual. Haha. And Ambre was a beautiful little fellow as well. Ha. You really would have never imagined the plot twist that his story has.

- The presentation is so cute! <3 I totally love the menus. Honestly, the GUI is quite simple, but I love how it was decorated. Hahaha. Whoever did it is so awesome. Lol.

- I didn't like how the writing sometimes rambled on and on. I mean, those scenes are alright, haha, and I've got nothing against them. It's just that, okay Tristan, I get it. This is what you think. Fine, Tristan. But can you please stop using such flowery and over-complicated words for your ramblings? Ugh, Tristan.

- Ambre looks way too small, but... perhaps that's just me. Hahahaha.

Anyway, 8/10 strawberries for this KN. Overall, it was quite nice. The art style is good, the writing is good, and the story just blew me away at the end. Haha. Thanks to the team behind Ambre!

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6 berries

  1. Yes, I've seen it, though I haven't played it yet. I suppose one of these days I should take a look at it to see if they have fixed my gripes about it. =)

  2. Ohhh. Thank you for the suggestion! I'm downloading it right now~ (It might take a while before I can play it though, because it seems to be a bit long.) Nevertheless, thank you. ^^

  3. You might hate it,why are you thanking me already?

  4. Thank you for taking your time to make a suggestion.

    I'll be honest, I'm not a huge fan of BxG, but this seems pretty interesting! Horror is one of my favorite genres.

  5. What are your favorite horror titles?

  6. You mean VNs? Ah, no, I haven't played many horror VNs. :) I mean, horror in general, like books, stories, and movies.

    For "horror-type" VNs though, Saya no Uta is very good. A friend of mine has a copy and it was really awesome.


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