No internet for a while


Hey there everyone!

I'm so sorry for not posting for so long. We've recently moved and we have no internet in the new place yet, unfortunately. I am currently accessing this blog from an internet cafe actually. However, I think our home internet will be up and running by August 8. Yep. That's supposed to be right. Hahaha.

Anyway, I'm preparing some new reviews in the meantime, to be posted when we finally have internet at home. Haha. Here is a list of my drafted reviews.

  • The Iron Heart Witch
  • Taarradhin
  • Basiliska
  • Nachtigal
Also, The Thing With Mistletoes is nearing its release! The script is already complete, and the only things in production right now are some BGs, CGs, and a custom GUI. Yay~

That's about it for now. Thanks a bunch for reading!

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