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Hello guys! Long time no post. :)

Okay, so I just changed my site name and... I really don't know what I'm doing, hahaha. I'm kinda experimenting with different names right now. :)

I mean, I started this blog back when I was still a highschool freshman, and my goodness, I'm a college freshman now and times sure have changed. Haha. The main focus of this blog has changed as well, from random rants and thoughts to games and reviews, especially otome visual novels. So, I think changing the name would be pretty proper, don't you think so too?

Anyway, I hope I don't lose my readers and followers. *fingers crossed* Hahaha. I kinda researched a bit about this and I even wanted to change my url but that would be too much of a risk I believe. Hahaha, but hey, just stay tuned, okay dear readers? Haha, thank you so much for my valuable followers and readers. *bows*

So anyway, that's that. I wanted to name the blog Otome Paradise but a quick Google search shows me that another blog already has that name. Actually, almost all of my ideas for the name have already been taken. Hahaha. I'm thinking of Otome Weekly, but... hmm, let's stick with "a twist of otome" for now, haha, since it's really similar to my old site name, "a twist in time" anyway.

Happy reading! :3

Love lots,

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4 berries

  1. I liked a twist in time better,actually :|

    Well,congrats on getting a new name,I guess.

  2. Hi Komachi! So... how are you and Takaomi doing? Hahaha, kidding. :)

    Really? ^^ Thanks. That title actually means a lot to me, but... like I said, I don't think it reflects my purpose for this blog anymore, which is to post game/visual novel reviews. :( I'm still observing the changes though so... anything's possible at the moment.

    Anyway, thanks for leaving a comment! :)

    P.S. Have you played Bokura no Shokora already? ^^

  3. Well,I never heard of it(only discovered this around your post about Fae),but I'm going to put it on my list for the future. I'm actually in the middle of reading like 5-6 visual novels and I just kind of jump from one to another without finishing them,so I'm trying to discipline myself and finish that before I start anything new :(

    And well,not *everything* you post about is an otome,so I figured a twist in time is a more neutral name..

  4. Oh, I see. The joke I made was actually a reference to that game. :)) The protag in Boku no Shokora is named Komachi. ^_^

    Haha, don't worry about it, I'm like that too! I currently have so many reviews in my drafts before I procrastinate too much with another VN, or work on my own project. Haha. :) Goodluck in finishing those!

    Well that's true. Hahaha. :) Though majority of them are. ^^


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