Visual Novel Review - One Leaf Clover


New game! One Leaf Clover. <3


When I first saw this, I was kinda disappointed since those sprites have been used so many times already, and I already have opinions about the characters those sprites portrayed in other visual novels. However, the title was really intriguing, so I downloaded it.

And guess what, it's fully voiced. Yaaaay! <3 You don't know how much I love voiced VNs. Haha. And so... here's my review.

The story is about a girl named Souka who has a really unlucky boyfriend named Taru. Said boyfriend always gets into mishaps, accidents, and lots of other bad stuff. And Souka is tired of it. Tired of his unluckiness. What might me the reason for his bad luck?

Okay, I made up that summary. Hahaha. Here's the real summary:
Souka seems to have a good life, and an even better boyfriend. However, Taru's luck is beyond bad, and his happy-go-lucky attitude just doesn't match up! Just what is the cause of his horrible luck? Will his luck cause an end to their special bond- or strengthen it beyond belief?


First off, I hated the protagonist, Souka, from the moment she opened her mouth. I'm not talking about the voice acting, which was really awesome by the way. It's about her. Her.... herself. Ugh. I don't know why, but I... really disliked her.

I know she has an unlucky boyfriend who adores her so much, but hey, if she's so irritated with him, why didn't she just break up with him? *sigh* He's unlucky, that's for sure, because he has her for a girlfriend. Sheesh. It hurt me to see her taking Taru for granted like that, even though, yeah, he really had horrible luck. But all through the beginning I was like, "Just break up with the guy already!"

Awww, so adorable... <3
*sigh* My special someone is a lot more mature and level-headed than I am, but he is also a bit clumsy at times, and sometimes even way too child-like, but hey, I love him for who he is. I have to agree, it does get a little bit on my nerves at times, but unlike Souka, I don't just leave him on the street and ignore him purposely to make him stop. So I guess it's kind of a personal reason why I disliked Souka. Hahaha. In the slightest of ways, I can see my own special someone in Taru, and I hated how Souka treated him because I just can't imagine myself doing that to someone I really love.

In the latter part though, I have to admit, Taru was really such a ditz. Hahaha. But he was never annoying or irritating to me. Haha. If it was in real life, I would have just laughed or joked around with him. But again, the ever-so-serious Souka was... way too serious to laugh it off. I know that in her profile, it says she cares about him, but uuuugh. Just saying that you're "something" doesn't make you that "something". Haha. However, things did change fast... and for the worse.

There are two endings to this game. One is the really good ending, and the other is the horrible one. Haha. I say horrible not because the writing was horrible, but because I really felt so sorry for poor Taru in that one.

Do him a favor and break up with him! Grrrr.
But as you know, the good ending was really adorable. <3 I was like, "Ha! In your face Souka!" Hahahaha. Souka kinda had a change of heart, and in that split second it took me to read her line, I just... loved her. Hahaha.

Anyway, that's it for the story! Hahahaha. I apologize for the wordiness, but you see, this short VN really... evoked emotions from me! Which is good, I suppose. :)

Voice acting wise, everyone was adorable! I absolutely loved Souka's voice, even though I hated her character at the start. My second favorite is Taru's, since it reminded me of a voice actor from Pokemon: Advanced Battle. Nostalgiaaaa. Hahaha. The rest was okay too, hmm, oh, but I've got comments about Rimu's voice. It's okay, I guess, high-pitched and all, but the recording wasn't clear, I think? Not as clear as the others, at least. But that's the only bad thing I noticed, so kudos to all the voice actors! They did a really great job. Haha. Hoping to hear more from them~

The writing was okay, but... there were some lines that felt... wrong. I don't think it's the grammar, but it was just the simple things that irked me. Stuff like, for example, ["Ungrateful...I know] Haha, see? The ellipsis touched the next word, which isn't correct. And this too, [handsome- and] Shouldn't it be a longer --dash--? Hahaha, lol. Sorry for being so nitpicky. <3 But it just needs more proofreading, I guess. I wasn't super impressed with the writing, but the story is undoubtedly good.

Art-wise, they used free resources, so I don't have much to say about it. However, in the plane scene, the plane is way too big for them! I swear, Taru looked like a toy against the huge windows of the plane. :o

Music? They're okay in that department, haha. In my second playthrough I listened to the music more than to the voices, and I think the makers selected the right tracks for this VN.

To sum it up... this VN may be short, but it's certainly worth playing. 8/10 strawberries. And it's not just because of the amazing voice acting. I recommend playing this visual novel for a story that will certainly capture your heart.

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