Pretty (BxG, Supernatural, KN)


Pretty is a short, supernatural kinetic novel for NaNoRenO'14. It didn't appeal much to me, but it is a pretty cute little game.

The art is really nice and I simply loved the music. :") One of the tracks even reminded me of the theme for Pokemon's Pallet Town, which made the game so much more adorable. Hahaha.

Story-wise... well, short and simple. There were some pretty noticeable typos, but the writing is pretty much okay. :) Argh, I keep using the word pretty. Hahaha.

One thing that amused me is the naming scheme in the game. The name of the "popular pretty girl" is Kirei, which means-- you guessed it--  pretty in Japanese. Haha.

Oh, and what about the "girl best friend," who was acting kinda jealous near the ending of the story? That's right, Tomo, like, ともだち or friend in Japanese. Hahaha. Really cute, if you ask me. I don't know if they meant it though, but if they did, haha, that's quite cool. :)

Though the "twist" ending didn't really surprise me, like, at all, since I sort of knew it from the get-go. I don't know if it was pretty obvious to me, or if I just read way too many books that I could already guess endings. -___- Haha. I wonder why it didn't take me by surprise.

Twist or no twist, either way, the ending didn't disappoint me. For a supernatural ending, it's pretty good.

And the CGs and effects... oh luff them. <3

Anyway, not much to say about it since it's so short... haha, but the story is nice, the art is cute, the soundtracks are quite nostalgic, hahaha, and the ending does not disappoint, so... it's very much worth playing. 7/10 strawberries for this one. Download it here.

P.S. Don't underestimate bloggers, puny protagonist!

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