Announced: Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and Pokemon Omega Ruby!


Today, I read the most amazing news ever.

Nintendo is releasing a remake for the Generation III games, Ruby and Sapphire! <3 The games will be released in Novemeber 2014. No other details were revealed though, unfortunately.

But anyway, meet Pokemon Omega Ruby and Pokemon Alpha Sapphire!

Official box art from Wikipedia.
I've always been a Pokemon fan ever since I was a kid. <3 I grew up watching Pokemon movies and the Pokemon series. It wasn't until 2nd grade that I first encountered the games though. A friend of mine gave me Pokemon Green as a gift and I tried it out... however, I didn't know Japanese so I never got to finish it. (And finishing it is still one of my goals. Mehehehe.) When I was in 4th grade though, my dad bought me a copy of Pokemon Sapphire, and... that started my 7 year love for the games. <3 Hahaha. 

I have every game from every generation, except Gen 6, and I'm not planning to pass this one up! <3 Hoenn has always been my favorite region, and Hoenn Pokemon have always been my favorite companions! Plus, I love the Advanced series and even the Hoenn movies! <3

When Pokemon HG and SS were released, I was really happy. I got SS. And when Black and Black 2 came, I was happy as well. However, I very much wanted to see good ol' Hoenn again! And ahhhh, these remakes are a dream come true! <3

Oh, I just can't wait for November to come!

Are you getting one of these? :) I'm definitely getting Alpha Sapphire! <3

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2 berries

  1. I'm getting sapphire too!! ^O^ Its about time~~

  2. Hey there Cath. :)
    Yeah, me too. I've been waiting for a RSE remake since HG/SS came out, actually. Hahaha.
    Thanks for dropping by!


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