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seraph and hellion visual novel review

Seraph and Hellion is a GxB fantasy visual novel, about a pinball-playing girl named Aili who meets Leigh, some random dude from school, and Demetri, another random dude from the arcade.

As you can probably notice, I have extremely mixed feelings about this VN.

First of all, the soundtrack was epic, I swear. Haha. I started up the game and the first thing I heard was this epic-sounding music and bam! I was amazed. For most of the tracks, I can't fault this VN. They were definitely bad-ass. Especially the main menu theme and the battle scene track. Whooooo. Epic.

However, for those who are aspiring visual novel makers, if you have one scene that lasts only 5-10 lines that switches to another short scene, don't use the same background music. It can, and will, sound repetitive, such as the one here in the VN. Specifically in the slice-of-life scenes.

seraph and hellion visual novel review leigh
Aren't you too quick in making assumptions?
Speaking of slice-of-life, this is where the problem starts. Like I said, in making a VN, we should be careful about making a good plot to weave the story together. And that's where Seraph & Hellion comes up short. The story felt way too rushed and barely believable. This visual novel totally leaves you eating dust as it speeds through every event.

 The last scene took me by surprise, as it literally came out of nowhere. There was no prior dialogues or events that suggested anything to lead to the final scene. It had me scratching my head in utter confusion. "What's happening?"

Art-wise, it's fine, though the artist is guilty of incorrect anatomies. And Aili looks more boyish than the dudes in this VN. I can imagine Demetri as pretty handsome though. Ho. :)

By the way, the programming is simply superb. As you can see from the main menu screenshot and the textbox, the programmer did a pretty good job with the interface and customization of this VN. I commend them for that. It's really great. Haha. :) I myself have to stick to the default Ren'Py styles (with very minor customizations) since I have no idea how to style the GUI like this. :)

In the end,  I give it a 5/10. The presentation of this VN is really cool, and to be honest, I was visually in awe of the scene in the end with Demetri and Leigh. I say visually, because I wasn't that amazed by the reasons behind it, or heck, how Aili solved the conflict. >_<

This VN has awesome GUI, nice programming, okay art, and epic music. The only thing lacking for me is a good story. Or maybe there is a good plot. After all, in my opinion, the story is quite interesting, it's just not fleshed out well. The biggest problem was that it felt so rushed, like the writer didn't give much though to the actual writing. And it was more a telling, and not a showing. Being a writer (sort of haha), the story is the most important thing for me. If the script was made longer and more in-depth, I would like this a lot better. But for now, my mixed feelings remain. *sigh*

You can check this game out here.

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