Visual Novel Review: My Teacher


In this short NaNoRenO otome game, you play as a really talented teacher known all over the country for your line of work. One day, you are summoned by a powerful businessman to train the chosen future CEO, a.k.a, one of his sons.The problem is, you have only three days to do this. Are you willing to take the challenge?

I first chose this route because Raizen reminds me of my own special someone. :)) They're both quiet, shy, reserved. Both are quite indecisive as well and just tend to go with the flow. Cool. Irregardless of whether or not he is similar to my guy, I found myself getting attached to this dude.

In his route, Teacher has a problem with his utter lack of decisions. Seriously. He's worse than liquid. He doesn't care about anything and he just lets other people do what they wanna do, and that's so wrong if you're going to handle a whole company! You need to have a say in things.

He's really sweet, but he tends to just ignore stuff and let things happen. I love their interactions together though, coz I really shined as a teacher in this route! Awesome huh.

He's a really adorable boy. The reason why I went for him next is because of his child-like looks that I absolutely love!

Oh, and delving deeper into his story, I see that he also has a lot of similarities with my SS, also known as special someone. Haha. They're both... child-like at times, and they're both so nice that people tend to abuse their niceness! Hahaha. As the future CEO of their company, Shinji can't be a pushover, so he needs to set limits for people. I can relate to what Teacher could feel in this route, because... well... sometimes, it does hurt to see someone take advantage of the kindness of others, right? Especially if that other person is a loved one.

The ending was really great though, it was so sweet! Haaaaah. <3 I loved his ending.

The flirtatious first-born of the Hakure family. Kyosuke is an all-around ladies man, a chickboy and playboy who ditches meetings to go on dates with random females.

Uh-oh, big problem for the company! They can't have a CEO who chooses to go to impromptu dates instead of meetings, so of course, Teacher has to solve that nasty habit!

My own special someone is not as flirty as this guy, but a lot of things in this route, I can relate to. Hahaha. The way he speaks to Teacher is sometimes the way my SS talks to me too. There's this one scene where he just suddenly hugs Teacher from behind and I... I totally squealed. Weeee. :") So sweet. Guys should do that to their girlfriends, you know? Those hugs from the backs. They're totally, adorably sweet.

And besides, Kyosuke's path is filled with stomach butterflies, I swear! I think his route has the sweetest ending of the four. :)

I went for Takumi last, as I'm not a big fan of bad boy types. And Hakure Takumi is not just a bad boy, but one with a terrible temper at that! Ugh.

He actually reminds me of a boy I used to like back in elementary school. Looool.

The main problem with Takumi is that he is always angry, and that's what Teacher needs to solve. Hm, but Takumi has his own sweet side too. He's quite a gentleman actually, once you get to know him. And his ending his just as sweet as the others. Backstory-wise, his is the most touching as well.

And as you'll find out by going through all the routes, the elderly Hakure is such a... playboy. Ha! Playboy. Now that's an understatement.

You can download this game here.

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  1. I love how you relate your review with your love life it's hilarious xD


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