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Mirage Noir is a [GxB] fantasy and mystery visual novel by Noire from the LemmaSoft Forums. This review is about the prologue part of the story, currently the only one released.

mirage noir prologue visual novel title screen
Mirage Noir. Epic start screen.
Oh my gosh, I didn't expect that I would like this VN so much. Hahaha.

First of all, the game starts out really slowly. Although I have to say, the sound effects were awesome! I was totally in awe of the sounds. Hahaha. Some SFX actually took me by surprise. :)

Secondly, I didn't like the fact that the narrators' names were always visible even when they're just thinking. It's really confusing, because it's like they were saying everything out loud. I'm used to seeing the narrator's lines as... I dunno, understood already. You know that he/she is the MC, so we don't bother with the names anymore unless she's talking to somebody in order to distinguish the speaker.

mirage noir prologue visual novel
Some dark stuff here.
But lo and behold, this VN managed to suprise me-- in a very good way.

Firstly, the CG art is breath-taking. I can't say the same for the sprite art, even though they were also done quite beautifully and even comically at times. Haha. Compared to the CGs, they were less amazing.

mirage noir prologue visual novel

For the second, I say that the way this VN was presented is definitely new to me. Here we have two MCs, Vesper and Vienna, and it's nice to see how the story is so different from each other's oint of view. I think it gives us have this omniscient view of the story, since we know all their thoughts and feelings, as opposed to most VNs out there. In fact, this is probably the only VN I've played that features two different point-of-views of the same story simultaneously.

mirage noir prologue visual novel

And the characters? There are only two of them-- well, three, if you count the adorable snow leopard Paw-- but they are fleshed out really nicely. They seem like real people to me. Very beautifully made, but with their own flaws and shortcomings. Paw, Vienna's familiar, is just a nice addition. As you know, snow leopards are my favorite kind of animal. They are simply magically majestic and I love them so. :")

Ha! So don't you wonder why I love Mirana. Her tigress looks like a snow leopard, with the pretty white color.

And anyway, despite some typos and errors in the script, the words flow quite nicely in this visual novel. I just hope the writer gets a proofreader for this to make it cleaner and error-free, in terms of the writing.

Also, a GUI customization should totally happen! The textbox doesn't fit the rest of the visual novel much. It's just the standard Ren'Py style so... I think it's such a shame. It could be so much better you know.

mirage noir prologue visual novel sweet cg
Kyaaaaa! So sweet. Omo omo omo. :")
Because of those graphics, and the awesome story-telling, I totally fell in love with Vesper, the male MC! Ha. He is so gosh darn beautiful. I wish he and Vienna ends up together. :3

Although, to be honest, the ending scene left me heartbroken. Huuuuu. :( I hope everything turns out well, you know? I just can't wait for the next chapter! Haha. I wish it would be released soon. Hahaha.

Ahem, so, for all the awesome aspects to this VN, I give it 9/10 strawberries! Took one point for the slow start, the typos and errors, and the lack of a customized textbox. Lol. Coz when it comes to close-to-perfect VNs like this, I'm picky like that. Hahaha. =)

Please, play this! It's really quite amazing. :") Download it here~

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