Kinetic Novel Review: Earth Girl


Earth Girl is a really short kinetic novel about a girl who visits the Earth for research purposes. It's actually pretty self-explanatory. Hahaha.

Like I said, it's extremely short, but it does pack a punch. The story manages to deliver its message well, despite the lack of sprites and hardly any images at all. To be honest, the whole VN is almost, if not really, all monochrome. But although the visual part of this visual novel wasn't given much importance, I think it was a good idea on the maker's part. Because of the black-and-white theme of the novel, it made the story a lot more relate-able.

See? The art is not much. But the writing is quite good. I love how the words just flow on the screen. Not talking about the transitions of course. Hahaha. I'm talking about how the words themselves fit perfectly together. Ah, gosh. What am I saying. Hahaha.

As for the protagonist, she's extremely intriguing. Spoiler/ Kinda not so spoiler: The game doesn't state directly where the girl comes from, but we can deduce that she came from outside our planet because there were so many things she didn't know of. Plus, she seemed quite naiive and child-like to me. :) Cute.

Story-wise, this is a KN worthy of your 10 minutes. Just give it a try, play it. 10 minutes isn't much. Haha. You can download it here.

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