Visual Novel Demo Review: Lines of Symmetry


Lines of Symmetry is a GxB or BxG slice of life visual novel.

The lives of six high schoolers are turned upside-down when Isaac, who was once a close friend to a fellow student named Maya, decides to return to school after several years of absence. Isaac; an aloof and often forgetful boy, attempts to reconnect with old friends, but is disillusioned by how much they have changed. Maya; a somewhat-nervous yet mostly steadfast girl, is thrown for a loop when her ex-boyfriend of two years; Jayne, suddenly shows up out of nowhere, and is forced to come to terms with an unresolved breakup. 

- The monologues are quite... philosophical. Haha, sorry, I can't really explain it. But I like the way the writer evokes emotions in the inner monologues. Like the one in the beginning? I... like that.

- Also, I like how each of the characters have their own speaking style. It wasn't obvious at first but... I just realized it after I compared Vivi and Maya to each other. Teehee. Writing distinct speaking styles for your characters can be quite hard, since you tend to use your own style for them. I myself worry about that whenever I script-write for my own games. So I definitely admire this for that. ^^

- The idea itself. When I first saw this in LemmaSoft, I got really interested.

- the title, ooooh, the title sounds really nice. Intriguing. I don't usually comment on the titles of visual novels, but I realy like the title of this one.

- The title screen, for me, is a really good one. It shows this "Lines of Symmetry" idea with the drawing, and, I think it's perfect for the game as well.

- In this VN, you get to choose a "path" for you, whether it's Maya's or Isaac's. Like the title implies, their lives are symmetrical to each other. Not exactly similar, but almost as if they were moving on the same line or something. They were intertwined. Hah. Lines of symmetry, right? :) And you know, I like how the plot was built around that. There's a lot of character-- err, not exactly development-- involvement (?) in this VN. Another point for that.

- The textbox. Actually, there's nothing wrong with it but... I just personally don't like how it... doesn't fit with the overall "hue" of the backgrounds. I guess the blue is a little bit too bright for the dim BGs.

- Personally, I like the sprites all on their own. I can't make those myself, you know? :) But when they're already on the screen, you can see how they just don't fit with the backgrounds. For one, the styles are completely different. The sprites are cartoon-ish, while the backgrounds look like filtered photos. And for two, they're just way too bright for the dark BGs. Still, I think the sprites fit well with the textbox. ^^

- Some parts were a bit confusing. Just like his conversation with his sister near the start of the story. She didn't even have a namebox or anything. I was thoroughly confused. I thought, maybe he was talking to a ghost or to himself. Sure, he was on the phone, but I think having a name will clear this up.

- This is super minor, but I just had to say this: I really disliked the ringing at the beginning, in the cafe with Laird. All throughout the scene there was this ringing phone sound. I even removed my earphones to hear if there's a ringing phone in the house, but apparently, it was from the VN. Hahaha. However, when Isaac finally said that "I was expecting this call." I didn't hear the ringing sound at all. -____-

Final thoughts: 

Like I said, I like the idea, and I like the way it was presented. The lives of Maya and Isaac were intertwined in such a "it's-a-small-world" way and I guess that's what totally caught me.

However, due to its nature of changing narrators quite often, I was lost almost... a quarter of the time I was reading this. Maybe it'd be best if there was a side image for both the MCs? That could be possible, and really easy to do too. I admit, some people dislike that because... I think it removes the immersion for them or something, but some, like me, like that a lot, since we get to see the main character as well. I guess it really depends on a person.

Let me give this 7 out of 10 strawberries. The writing is good, and the story is nice as well, but... there's something about it that's... missing. It lacks something, and I can't quite pinpoint what it is. But it's still just a work in progress, and it's only a demo, so I bet the final product will be more polished.

Anyway, I say you guys should give it a try. I know I say that for every VN I review here but... seriously guys. Just check this out for yourselves. :)

Download it here~

UPDATE: Lines of Symmetry has been released! Download the full version here~

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