Movie Review: Bakit Di Ka Crush Ng Crush Mo


 (Warning: Super long and filled with spoilers.)

Whew. I watched this movie as a sort of stress-reliever after those grueling 5 hours taking the UPCAT! :o Haha, I watched with dad. Lol. Kinda awkward since it's a romantic comedy, but I think he secretly enjoyed too. Teehee.
bakit hindi ka crush ng crush mo movie review xian lim kim chiu

Anyway, first things first. I really like this movie. Period. Hahaha. I never really liked Xian before, even in his awesome portrayal as Joax is "The Reunion", but now I do. In TR I loved the complexity and depth of his character, and I admired the part where he and his character's child played the piano! Awww. That's like, one of the sweetest scenes ever. <3

As some of you guys may know, whenever I like music or literature, I tend to over-analyze, and write posts such as this about those things. Hahaha.So be warned, this will be pretty long.

I'd like to delve more into the positive aspects of this film, but before I do, I'd like to point out a few "negatives"; basically, just things that I didn't like as much as the other parts.
  •  Some subplots weren't fully explored or resolved.
Examples are Tangerine's contract signing and Maximo's coming-out.

I think the former wasn't properly "closed," like, there wasn't any scene that justified it, but I dunno, maybe that's just me. Hahaha. As a visual novel writer, I love closures. Lol.

And as for the latter, in the beginning part of the film, the elders were saying something like, they reject gay marriage and stuff, and I thought it could be a good subplot because Maximo was secretly gay, but I was disappointed because he never really "pretended" to be "man" so I don't get why he had to "come out" in the end. I mean, his gender preference was sort of obvious all throughout the movie. But maybe it was just a way to have a dramatic monologue in the "coming-out" scene? Maaaaybe.

Also, the closing of A&I. That was it? Everything in the movie... everything would just end in love? Whaaat? Haha. I believe in love, lol, but I also believe in working hard to succeed. And I just can't help but be curious as to what would happen after A&I closed down. (A similar plot event was used in A Very Special Love but at least that movie had some closure: Miggy Montenegro decided to serenade Laida [like Alex did to Sandy] after applying to work for his brother and ensuring that the company will no longer be closed down.) In this movie though, they actually let the company close down. Hey, at least they ended up falling in love together again, right? *rolls eyes*
  • It was too fast paced. Like it all just happened within a week. (and a day)
I imagine is as something like this:

Monday: Sandy and Gardo's anniversary. They break up. At the same time, Alex is given A&I.

Tuesday: Sandy shows up at A&I with a broken heart. She punches Alex and gets fired from the company.

Wednesday: Alex is having problems at the company, thank goodness Sandy shows up. They make a deal.

Thursday: Alex and Sandy go to Tangerine's hotel room to get her to sign the contract papers. Afterwards, they go to the mall where Sandy is transformed into an old-fashioned lady into a modern woman.

Friday: They contact Jireh for his songs. Afterwards, Alex introduces Sandy to his family, telling them that she's his girlfriend. They kiss.

Saturday: Sandy shows up at the company, late. They found out that Tangerine is signing a contract with Pamela. Alex reveals to Sandy that what happened last night was just a test. It wasn't real.

Sunday: Sandy is heartbroken, but she finally "breaks up" with Gardo and breaks his nose too. She and Alex meet at a bar, accidentally.

Monday: Alex shows up at Sandy's house, asking for forgiveness and serenading her. They kiss. The end.
  • Character development was a bit... confusing. I think. Or maybe... argh, I'm so confused. :x
After fighting with Chief, Alex was cheered up by his father, who, in the whole film, did everything he could to make things bad for Alex. I'm thinking he's the cause of everything. Ugh. Haha. And in the end he suddenly became a supportive dad, which was really quite confusing. I guess it does happen in real life (heck, my dad could go from an angry dragon to a super sweet guy in just a few minutes) but still, I didn't see any character development from the guy. -____-

Laura, who was Alex's ex, was only mentioned for like... around 3 times in the whole movie. The first one was while Alex was playing the piano. Chief, Don Antonio, introduced the character by talking about her breakup with Alex. After that, there was no real mention of her anymore, until the climax of the movie when Alex said, "This is like Laura all over again!" to which I was thinking, "Laura all over again? Whaaaat?" It was sort of explained later on in the bar scene with Ramon Bautista, but still. -____-

Also, I love Alex, really, I do. He's so sweet, so gentle, so charming, and so, so everything. Hahaha. But he's also quite rude, mean and he's too much of a playboy for my taste. I hate him for that. Haha. And like I said, everything was too fast-paced! Still, Xian's character is pretty much like every guy in the world, with a good side and a bad side, and I'm glad that this movie showed that.

Despite these three gripes I have, I really enjoyed the movie. So did my father.  Hahaha. He's normally a serious guy but he laughed several times while we were watching. I was laughing almost all throughout the film. Hahaha. I found Ramon Bautista to be the best character ever. He never failed to make us laugh. Lol. His silly antics and funny portrayal of his character was a great addition to the movie. Besides, he's the writer of the book right? I think this is just an adaptation. :)

Of course, I have positives too, but they can be self-explained, so I won't elaborate on them anymore.
  • It's a feel-good movie that will certainly bring smiles to your face.
  • The "tips" that Ramon Bautista gave are not only hilarious, they actually make sense to use in real life. :D
  • There's this super cute chemistry between Xian and Kim. I just love them. <3
  • Although the movie was fast-paced and a bit "nakakabitin" in the end, it still managed to fulfill its romantic comedy goals. Lol. :))
  • There's a lot of realism involved in the movie, and so many people would be able to relate to it.
It's a good movie, the only thing I really dislike was all the unresolved subplots that made it feel quite rushed. I was satisfied with the romance part, but story-wise, I expected a bit more. To be honest, the movie ended too abruptly for me. It made me go all "Yun na yuuuuun?!" in the cinema. Hahaha. And I was quite disappointed to see that there was no epilogue or whatsoever in the credits that could explain what had happened to the other characters.

Xian is so handsome though, so for fan girls, that is more than enough reason to watch this movie. And Kim is just so gorgeous! Hahaha. They're both lovable and cute, and I hope to see more movies from them! :")

I still recommend you to go watch this. :D It's a movie for all ages above 13 (should be above 15! Lol) and it's a film that will make you laugh your heart out. Hahaha. Get ready for some super duper sweetness overload. <3

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