Review: Invisible Paths (NaNoRenO 2013)


Invisible Paths is a supernatural visual novel that's 12 days late for the NaNoRenO. :)

Visual Novel Review: Invisible Paths NanoRenO 2013

- The backgrounds match the mood well. ^^ I don't really have any other information for this game, so I don't know if the BGs are from free resources or not---- Yep, they're from free resources, but still, I think they're pretty. The dark tones fit the story. Some seem to be filtered photographs, although I kinda like those better/

- The sprites aren't your traditional Japanese anime style. Looks more like a western style art. Nevertheless, it's a fresh change for my eyes. ^^
Visual Novel Review: Invisible Paths NanoRenO 2013

- I am amused by the protagonist's... um, how should I call it... dry (?) humor. I mean, the things she say aren't really funny, well, I think they're not supposed to be funny, but I find them amusing. :) They were written pretty nicely! Like, the words won't exactly bring a smile to your lips, but they'd probably make you smirk. In a good kind of way. So, I like her because of that, even though it was kinda her fault she got into that accident anyway.

- The descriptions were lovely. <3 However, I just noticed one little thing. ^^
Visual Novel Review: Invisible Paths NanoRenO 2013
Um, that doesn't seem to be a ponytail.

- The GUI is nice. I like the save/load screen. Also, is the textbox the default one for Ren'Py? I can't really tell, but I still like it.

- I like the story, and the amusing dialogue most especially. ^^ Plus, I really like Logan. I like him  being with him better than stalking Delano, that's for sure. :D

- No, this isn't exactly a dislike. But... how can the MC be so stupid? I think she got into an accident because she swerved from the road to avoid something, but she smashed into a brick wall instead and hit a boy who was walking there. Didn't she see him? Oh man. Poor boy. He got hit by a reckless driver.

- Again, not exactly a dislike. There was no real reason why she was turned into a ghost by the devil. Um, I personally think it would have been better if it was portrayed as an afterlife, and not as a result of a deal with a devil. Like, I guess she was turned into a ghost because she was sorry for causing the death of another. But what's that got to do with the deal?!
Visual Novel Review: Invisible Paths NanoRenO 2013

Alright, I give this 7 out of 10 strawberries. It's quite good, with just some minor quirks. The story is fun and amusing though, and I really like the MC's humor. ^^ It was the best thing in the whole VN for me. Haha! I like comedy, but I'm not such a big fan of "trying-hard" humor, so I like the type seen here better. :)

Download it here and give it a try you guys! :)

Visual Novel Review: Invisible Paths NanoRenO 2013

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