Visual Novel Review: Days Of The Divine


Days Of The Divine is a fantasy, GxB entry in the NaNoRenO 2013.

Long ago, in a valley where a small village lay, two deities fought each other. One was imprisoned, the other vanished. Yet some time ago, an unnatural mist began lingering in the village, dissolving people's memories.

Biyu, a young shrine maiden, is now working her hardest in the shrine of one of these deities in the faint hope the mist will one day dissolve. Even though her good friend also lost his memory, not all hope is lost; she meets a stranger who seems to be recovering from his memory loss, and rather quickly as well...

visual novel review, days of the divine


- I like the protagonist, Biyu, in a sense that she's such a rebel. She's not a meanie or anything, but she's not the usual goody-two shoes protagonist. Heh, after The Pirate Mermaid, I'm starting to like protagonists like that. ^_^
- I love the effects, especially the mist.
- The sounds are so... traditional. :) I like them. They really give me that oriental feel.
- The art! As always, Anna's art is super duper lovely. Do you know how much I fell in love with Senrei the first time I saw him? Aww, he's just so freakin' handsome. Ahh, speaking of Anna's art, remember Reaching Out? The sprites for that visual novel was also done by Anna. :3

visual novel review, days of the divine

- The characters are just so lovable. <3 I especially love Maru and the grandpa. :3 Oh, and that "evil god" whose name I forgot. (Actually, it's Senrei.) All of them have their own personality, although for me, Maru is the most "alive", if you know what I mean. If you don't... err, it's pretty hard to explain. Oh! And as for Senrei, he's kinda like... a tsundere type of character, but he's really nice, even from the get-go. I think sometimes, the "mature" characters tend to seem tsundere, even though they're not.
- The backgrounds are done really nicely. They fit the sprites very well. And like I said, I love the effects.


- I think the text and its box could still be a bit bigger than that. It's pretty hard to read. But... it's pretty much fine.
- SPOILER: In  Senrei's ending, I kinda got a bit confused... as to who was speaking. He was like, "I told you to run away!" and I was like, "You did? I thought Maru did!" Hahaha, technically, no, I don't dislike it... but, in Senrei's ending, Liufan also kinda disappeared at the end so... it was pretty sad.


- The first thing I noticed is that the handsome "evil god" doesn't really seem so evil.
- I'm in love with Maru. <3 He's so adorable. Aww, if I could have a brother like that. It would be so amazing. He's so easy to amuse, and he's just so interesting. :) I like that. I don't really like guys who are cold and distant in real life. (I say I don't, although I fell in love with one of them.) And, you know what? He's a white tiger! A freakin' white tiger! Aaaaaah! :") He reminds me of a snow leopard, and I absolutely love them!
days of the divine visual novel review

- I just love how the "god system" works. Basically, according to the story, (from what I understand) gods are born from the... ideals of people. Well, they get their strength from their followers and their prayers, and without that, gods are weak as humans. Waaaah, those scenes at the end were really intense. I just love them so much. <3
- One scene really got to me. SPOILER: Since Liufan lost his memories, he and Biyu go over his notes so he can remember some stuff. Suddenly, he asks her about his parents, who are already dead. Biyu is unable to answer, but later on, she cries in front of her grandpa, saying, "I can make him read his notes, I can make him remember things, but how do I make him see the faces of his parents?" (Or something quite similar to that, really.) Considering that this is the age where there were no cameras yet, it's really... sad.

I definitely recommend this with 9 out of 10 strawberries. It's not that long, just around 1 hour, and honestly it's very nakakabitin but I had fun. :D Please play it! And don't hesitate to share what you think in the comments below. :3

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