Visual Novel Review: A Troll's Fairy Tale


A Troll's Fairy Tale is a Fantasy GxB entry for the NaNoRenO 2013.

a troll's fairy tale visual novel review

Will Acacia be able to break out of her shell and find her true love? A fairy tale love story for a troll is a very strange thing indeed, because who could ever truly love a troll?

- I already loved this game the moment I saw the main menu. The art is absolutely lovely~ The backgrounds are notable as well. I love the soft colors. And the world is just... so alive. <3

a troll's fairy tale visual novel review

- I just love Aeron, he's so adorable! <3 Although, I didn't like his attitude much. I may not be as rough or tough as Acacia, but I'm not as dainty and as graceful as a princess either. Sometimes I don't even comb my hair when I'm just at home! :") I just tie it up or stuff. And having a boy like Aeron around to lecture me about that is just... so NOT fun.

- Edavine kept giving me that giddy feeling. :") He.... reminds me so much of somebody I know in real life. Even the way he dresses is so similar to that friend of mine. *sigh* And the way he speaks. Oh maaaan. My heart is going all "thump thump skip thump" Just like that friend of mine, he's got this, "You're you, I'm me. You accept me for who I am and I like you just the way you are." attitude that makes my heart skip a beat.

- Damien is... handsome. He's pretty cool, I'll give you that. :) But nobody beats Edavine in my eyes. <3 Hahahaha. Also, the Queen is so elegant. *sigh*

- I find Acacia so cuuute! <3 Well, not... her... literally, I think her hair's too wild, still, I love her personality! She's wild, but she's a closet princess freak. :") She's such a hopeless romantic! And just like what her pretty sister, Alaqua, said, she's acts tough, but deep inside she's nothing but mush.

- The plot really is so cute and fluffy! <3 I love how, despite this being a fantasy VN, everything is just so realistic to me. :") I mean, like, nothing is exaggerated, except maybe for the fact that there are trolls and fairies and mentions of ogres. <3 But I just goshdarn love the plot.

- Fudge, and I mean FUDGE, like asdfghjkl; fudge, this is a spoiler, but I am just squealing so loud here that I just HAVE to say this. :") When Acacia asked Edavine why he visited her, do you know what he said?! "I needed to recharge." ASDFGHJKL; I am freaking out right now. ^_^ I wonder if the maker watches the Koreanovela, The Greatest Love too? Omfg that's like, one of my favorite Koreanovelas and the main guy there is always saying that line whenever he's around the main girl. Omfg. :")

a troll's fairy tale visual novel review
Omfg! Squealing so hard I can't breath! :") Best line ever!
- This is an edit! Well, I already said that I love the plot, but I forgot another thing because I was too busy squealing. :") Ahem. I also love how the story is so... tied together. It gave me a feeling of, "Such a small world." ;)

- I don't really have anything to dislike here! Although, maybe Acacia's hair could be a little more tame... :)

- This is one of the cutest and most interesting games I've played in a pretty long time. And I just super duper loved it! I loved it from the start, and I loved it until the end. The quirky and lovable characters just... got into me. <3 Oh man, I wish this was made into a Disney movie. :") It's just so asdfghjkl; cute. <3

- Oh... and, this is probably the only VN that has ever made me laugh, made me angry, made me giddy, made me feel in love, made me feel heartbroken, and actually made me cry all within... around 3 hours. The plot is that amazing. It really sucked me into their world that... I can totally feel Acacia's emotions.

I really truly recommend this to you guys! <3 It's really wonderful and I find it even more amazing that it was done within a month! Everything in this game is just... so alive. The world is so colorful and beautiful, all the characters have their own personality and traits, and the music is also fitting for the scenes. :") Oh man, I am totally awestruck here. <3

a troll's fairy tale visual novel review

Please, play it! Just try this game out! I give this 10 out of 10 strawberries. <3 Plus another strawberry for the "I needed to recharge." line. Best freakin' line ever. :")

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4 berries

  1. I can't thank you enough for making this blog post Ran! I'll have to forward this to my mom and sisters ^^ I'll be reading over this when I'm feeling down because this really helped encourage me and it's such a big compliment to be said that it could even be made into a Disney movie. It kind of makes me want to do a silly Disney Princess illustration with Acacia's in it ^^ Thank you again so much!! I've re-read this so much and post a link on my blog as well!

  2. Aww, you're welcome! :) And I can't thank you enough for making something so wonderful for me to make a blog post about too. :") Haha, awww, that's such a compliment to me as well. :") Hahaha, thank you for leaving a comment!

    And please, I hope you make lots more! <3
    P.S. If you re-read it, you might read some new stuff. Haha, I'm kinda editing it right now, since... my hangover from squealing so much is almost over. :") But I really truly think the ending is squeal-worthy! <3

  3. I fell in love with damien in the first couple of seconds of meeting him. But then on the second time around I went for edavine...and well...damien was totally forgotten. Edavine made me want to pull him out of the game and shove him in my closet so I could always have him. *sigh* If only...

  4. Haha, I know! Damien is cool and all that, but I love Edavine so much moooore. <3 He's just so awesome, you know. He's like... a bad boy. Who's not really a bad boy anyway. And I like that. :))


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