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Hi everyone!

No new reviews this time... although I do have 3 drafts saved. :) These are Ristorante Amore, Hierofania, and Memoirs Of An Angel. I'm already done playing the first one but... I don't know, I can't seem to write anything else as of now so.. I guess it'll have to wait.

But I am currently awaiting a few more visual novels to be released. :3

The first one I'm waiting for is still the full version of Pirate Mermaid. Oh I love that game. :3

The second one is probably Symphonie des Rêves.
visual novel, symphonie des reves
It's not out yet, unfortunately, but I am eagerly awaiting for its release date. ^^

I am also looking forward to The Legend Of Mytheril simply because, well, the protagonist's last name is Shimizu. Remember the online alias I use? It's Kazumi Shimizu. =) I didn't even know the Japanese last name Shimizu existed in real life! I am pleasantly surprised. I hope I will not be disappointed in the main character. (Although as you guys may know, I am very hard to disappoint. ^^)
visual novel, legend of mytheril

Also, the visual novel Ichigo has piqued my interest. :3

visual novel, ichigo

Again, my main reason for liking this is quite shallow. It's because of my ultimate love for strawberries! (Even though I dislike eating them.) Besides, see the guy with the ponytail up there? His name's Kazuo. I think he's adorable.

And finally... I am still waiting for this. After around a half-year I am still hoping that this is not cancelled. Just pleaaaase. I hope it's still ongoing.

visual novel, kaguya-hime
It's this. Kaguya-hime. That Japanese folktale has always been one of my favorites ever since I read it in our Literature class way back in 4th or 5th grade. And when I saw that they were creating a visual novel about this in LemmaSoft, I was really stoked. :3 Admittedly I don't like the main character very much, but if it's Kaguya-hime, then it's Kaguya-hime. I give this my full support.


So as you can see, I really am excited for so many visual novels this summer. Of course, there are other smaller VNs that I'm interested in, and if I really fall in love with a visual novel, then all of you would know because I'd definitely write a review for it. :3

All these projects are motivating me to do my own project too. I know Seasons Of Love has a pretty slow progress as of now, but that's a bit because I really have no drawings skills when it comes to visual novels. :)) I promise, I'm not slacking off on the script!

How about you guys? What visual novels that are still works in progress are you waiting for? :) Also, what  other visual novels do you think I should check out? Feel free to share them below! =)

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