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Hi guys!

Do you still remember that kinetic novel entitled Grinning Hearts I reviewed around last month?

Well, the creator, ngareci, has another visual novel to present!

nacira visual novel

Nacira Basita is a substitute dancer for the King ceremony to be held in Nirwasita Kingdom. She has to live in the palace before her performance day. There, she found a mysterious box with a letter from the dancer whom she is substituting for. She knew that the box belonged to the previous dancer, Nyikara, and was meant for her lover. Later on, she was challenged by Arjuna to guess Nyikara's lover in six days. Could Nacira solve the mystery and find out about the one who Nyikara loves all along?
Or will she grow closer with the Pandawa princes instead and find her own true love?

- The art is cute! <3 And the princes were super adorable. I like the twins. :") But I like Werkudara a lot more!
nacira visual novel

- The story is quite interesting and fresh. The sweet scenes in between the main plot were also super cute! <3 Although, I do think that the writer should have expanded on that plot more.

- The princes were so interesting! Each of them has their own personality, and not just a mix-up of different personalities that sometimes don't look well together.

nacira visual novel

- I just HAVE to mention this. Arjuna is the typical Prince Charming, but I'm glad to say that his story wasn't so typical after all. ;)

- Again, a special mention. I already said this in my review of Grinning Hearts, but I just have to say it again! I super duper adore the chibi CGs! <3

nacira visual novel

- I especially like the letter written in... Javanese? Hahaha, is there a language like that? :3 I don't know what language that is, but I really like how it was incorporated into the game. (And you know what, it was a bit similar to my own language, Filipino!) A bit of Javanese culture was also gladly accepted by myself. :)

- Same as with Grinning Hearts, sometimes the music used just doesn't fit the scenes. Although I noticed that they were pretty nice. :) It's just that, sometimes the mood of the music doesn't fit the mood of the scene.

I don't have much to add here. No offense meant to the creator, but I didn't... feel quite attached to Nacira Basita. Although she was funny and cute, she isn't the kind of protagonist I could relate to. Still, I admire the writer for making quite typical personalities fresh and new to my eyes. Even though I said I couldn't relate much to Nacira, I still like her... as a person. She's not an empty character.

I rate this 8/10! Please check it out. It's nice to have a visual novel that features other cultures instead of Japanese. Download it here!

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  1. Hi, may I put your review in Nacira's official website? :D

  2. Of course! :)
    Oooh, but I'm not yet done with this review. I'll upload the screenshots first... and update some of the content. :)
    Thank you for dropping by!

  3. Cool, and thanks for the review.. XD

  4. You're welcome! :)
    Thanks again!


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