Visual Novel Review: Juniper's Knot


Juniper's Knot is a kinetic novel that... again, I just found in my laptop.

juniper's knot visual novel

What is with me these days? I keep finding visual novel folders in my laptop and forgetting that I had downloaded them before. Hahaha.

Ahem. This is just a short kinetic novel, so let's immediately proceed to my game notes, shall we?

- The first thing I really noticed was how poetic the script seemed. The use of words and even the sentence pattern made me think like I was reading a classic novel or something. Quite rare for most visual novels. I personally liked it and would love to see speech like that in visual novels again.

- The second thing was the amazing art. I super duper loved it. It kinda reminded me of the graphics from Rune Factory. They were very nicely-made. The background managed to evoke a feeling of sadness from me, which suggests that it did its part.

juniper's knot visual novel

- The soundtracks were very good. They made me... feel nostalgic. Again, they reminded me of classic books like A Little Princess and Heidi.

I don't really get the story, and in the beginning I totally had no clue what I was playing. When I first played it I had no background on it, and I knewn nothing about it. (Upon closer research I discovered that it was made by Dischan Media) But I know that it was a very nice read, and it was quite touching as well. Readers will certainly learn something from it. A nice and simple story coupled with good graphics and emotion-filled soundtracks in more than enough to pass one's time, don't you think?

I recommend playing this. It's certainly not a waste of your time.

Download it here.

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