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1/6/13. 8:47PM

"You were mine for the summer, now we know it's nearly over.
Feels like snow in September but I always will remember.
You were my summer love. You always will be my summer love."

Summertime is when most students relax after long months of studying and unwind their thoughts.

Summertime can also be the perfect time to play visual novels. :)

Last summer, I chanced upon a VN entitled "Summer Found Me" It wasn't a complete game yet, just a demo, but I found it really interesting. Then earlier today, I saw that it was finally complete! I immediately downloaded it and started playing.

Warning: This post contains many images. :) And spoilers too! Be warned.

summer found me review

summer found me review

2 years passed before the main character, which I named Ran after me, finally decided to work up the courage to confess to her ultimate crush, Alden. But just when she's ready to confess, she discovers that her feelings for him may not be as strong as she really thinks. Or could she be falling for somebody else?

Obtainable guys:

devlin summer found me

I shall start with Devlin because I finished his path first, and because he was my personal favorite. Hahaha.

Devlin is a jerk who drops off quite a lot of sexual innuendos. He is your typical emo-ish black-haired dude in animes who has a dirty background and lack of filial love. (Famous examples: Natsume Hyuuga, Sasuke Uchiha) He loves cracking jokes, although he is quite a sour puss himself. He's a sore loser and loses his cool quickly, and has a tendency to treat girls like dogs.(literally) And I have to admit, his attitude is a complete turn-off for level-headed and dignified women out there.

devlin summer found me

I was completely repulsed by this guy's attitude, until I realized that everything was just a big ruse thought up by a lonely, dismal child to cover up his true feelings. (Who knows if the writer meant for that to happen, but meh, let's all look on the bright side shall we? ^_^)

devlin summer found me

Devlin is actually very kind-at-heart and he only wants the best for everyone, even though he doesn't exactly know how to execute his good plans the right way. He kinda reminds me of little kids who do their best to imitate their favorite television villain.

devlin summer found me

He can be sweet at times, as seen during his petty fights with Ran. <3 He made me go "awwww" every few minutes or so, and I found his confession scene incredibly cute.

devlin summer found me
This why I like bad boys. Their confessions are always oh so cute!

Truthfully, I don't think I'd ever date a guy like Devlin in real life, (err, at least... the first paragraph description of Devlin. Hey, that was a total jerk attitude) but I super-duper love his VN self. Also, he reminds me so much of somebody I know for reals. They're pretty similar in a lot of ways actually. And they both smoke too! :O Even though I don't like smokers, I guess a huge reason why I liked Devlin so much is his similarity to my friend. Hahaha. (So see? Even though I said I'd probably never date him in real life... I doubt that's true. I mean, I like my friend very much, and he's just like Devlin.)

devlin summer found me

devlin summer found me

Screw types though. I mean seriously, I say that I don't like guys like Devlin, but when love calls, I can't ignore it, can I? :p When people fall in love, all these Dream Guy/Girl lists are forgotten. And I seriously don't care whoever you may be, if I love you, then I love you. No buts. :p



seth summer found me

In real life, it's Seth I'd probably love to be with. Teehee.

seth summer found me

He's a gamer, he loves anime, he's the sweetest, most reliable and most supportive best friend in the whole wide world! He can be a meanie at times though, and actually disapproves of Ran's crush. Honestly he is just quite tired of hearing the main character rant about Alden all day, but he is sweet enough to let her ramble on. (Wait a second, I think I actually know someone like Seth in real life. :O My very own boy bestie right now is actually a lot similar to him.) Deep inside, Seth is just jealous because he really liked the main character as more than a best buddy.

seth summer found me

I can't say much about Seth himself because I didn't go through his paths, but his scenes were definitely cute. <3 He may seem like a mean, sarcastic prick, but he's adorably cute. Lol. <3

seth summer found me


Although the perfect guy for me is totally Alden, hands-down, I... don't like dudes like him in animeverse. I was a bit... um... bored with him I suppose. I found myself just thinking, "Argh, let's get this over with." everytime there was a scene with Alden.

alden summer found me

Waaaaah, I don't know why! Please don't blame me!

He was definitely adorable alright, the kind of guy that girls would swoon over in school. You know, the kind of guy like P'Shone of Crazy Little Thing Called Love played by Thai actor Mario Maurer? The kind of guy that's so sigh-worthy and dreamy. The kind of guy all girls would actually fall for in real life.

But I guess that's why his path kinda bored me. Because I would definitely fall for him in real life. I live out lives I know I'd probably never have in visual novels like these, and ending up with a guy like Devlin is something that only has a 10% chance of happening (because boys like him would never take notice of me hahaha!), while falling in love with guys like Alden probably has like 99% possibility. Falling in love with Seth is... well... it depends on the guy. Seth loved all things nerdy, but he didn't come off as a nerd or a geek to me, so I guess that's a plus. Although I think nerds and geeks are cute too. They just have a different appeal than bad boys. Hahahaha.

Anyway... let's get to the actual review. Hahaha, yes. That wasn't the actual review. Lol.

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