Visual Novel Review: Reaching Out


I know I was supposed to write this review yesterday but I kinda forgot. Hahaha. Silly me. Ahem.

reaching out visual novel review
Reaching out is a short kinetic novel that tackles a story about bullying and learning to admit one's mistakes.

Read more about it in its official thread here.

- the beautiful music; The track is just one, with many moods, but it is very relaxing and calming.
- isn't it pretty? The art is absolutely lovely! I think the game uses filtered images for backgrounds, but there are 2 cgs in the game and I put one up there. ^^ As you can see, the art is very gorgeous.
- the story, despite the length, was very compelling to read.
- has a moral. Yep, it teaches us lessons. :)

- it's way too short. :( The ending also seems a bit rushed.
- I didn't like the main character, AND his best friend. :D They were a bit bland.

Even though it's just a If very short kinetic novel, Reaching Out is worth reading because the music, art and story made a perfect fit. If this VN was made longer and with better backgrounds, this would most probably be a big hit. :3 (Hey, that kinda rhymes!)

For a short kinetic novel, on a scale of 1-10?
7. ^_^ It wouldn't hurt to try it. :3

Download it here if you're interested!

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3 berries

  1. The art is beautiful~

    Do you know other vn like this?

  2. Hello. :)

    The art is made by Anna. :) The sprite used in this VN, like the girl in the CG, is in Public Domain now and can be used in non-commercial games. And I agree, the art is very lovely.

    If you mean short visual novels, then yes, there are plenty of these in Lemmasoft Forums. <3 I recommend trying out Anyo's Love and Idol Crush. ^_^

  3. Nice review you wrote there ^_^
    I'll get the feeling to actually read the VN, sadly I hate reading.
    I'll also tell lilitan about your review as soon as he's at my house.

    Ketoth (iihigate webmaster)


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