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Hi guys!

Remember last summer, when I said that I was making a visual novel? I put that on hiatus actually, coz I didn't have too much time. My friends and I are also developing one named Forgotten Memories right now, even though it's a slow, slow progress because of school. -____-

So now... I am officially helping out with Kait's otome visual novel, Frailty  -Broken Wings-.

Logo by Suqling.

You lived with your parents in a pretty busy city; your father was a business man and your mother stayed at home to take care of you. Everything was perfect. You were a lively and carefree child. That was until something happened and changed your life completely. 

You found your father dead by your side. After this incident, your mother decided it was best for you to move to a quiet town with your grandfather and forget about everything. You've had a difficult childhood ever since. For years, you've been having nightmares and hearing voices, 
and you're always terrified of the world that surrounds you. But you are not alone. 

We all have our weaknesses.

We're on a three-woman team. ^_^ Ran (Me), Kait and Suqling. :D

Kait, who leads the project, programs the script and writes the general story outline. I'm her co-writer and I also help her with the character outlines and character developments. Suqling is in charge of the art. She's the one who did the logo. =)

Anyway, here's more information about our project:

Main Character:

“I can’t be as strong as you are…”

Gloomy and shy, she’s the one you will be playing as. Her father’s death haunts her every night even after so many years have passed. 
But now, she's finally decided it's time to be brave and face her fears.


 I've never done anything to deserve being loved... really.”

Outgoing and fun, Leon is a lively young boy. He’s had an easy life with his parents and his passion: sports. But under this normal boy appearance hides a really different one; one with so many insecurities he can’t hide forever.


“I told you! There are no ghost, no voices, no anything! It’s just you and me! Is it that hard to understand?!”

Smart and kind, Aiden is a young gentleman. He developed like this on his own: his family is neither rich nor special. He loves pets and is very caring and loving. That is until you see his other side – Beneath the cool and calm exterior he hides a deep and dark personality. Unable to control his anger, it threatens to come out-- the monster he represses within him. 


“We just can’t be together. It… would never work. Believe me!”

Quiet but harsh, Seth has had a very difficult life. Being rejected by his parents wasn't easy to accept for him. He ran away from home and moved into a new town to start a fresh life. But despite his efforts, he still can’t stop putting barriers around him, pushing away the people he cared about, hurting himself in the way.


“You know… No one’s perfect. No, not even me.”

Friendly and a little too harsh sometimes, she has become your only friend. She has a big family and is always the babysitter for her little brothers. When she’s not she enjoys spending time with you. But she’s not perfect either. She's got one weakness – a secret she hides from the world.

Outline: 100%

Story: ~10% (4k)

Script: 0%

Sprites: 0%

CG: 0%

BG: Free resources probably.

Music: Same as above.

Alright, so in the official thread in LSF, the comments are Kait's words, but this time I shall replace it with mine. Wahaha. As you can see in the Progress, we're not done with... well, 90% of it yet. :) But I do have a few sneak peeks here that are not in the thread. Shhh. Don't tell Kait. ^_^

Delilah's hairstyles. Art by Suqling.
That image is the first colored draft we have of the Main Character, officially named Delilah although players will have the choice to input their own names. We used this to decide on her hairstyle. In the end B won out though. <3 There are only three of us after all! And of course, Suqling can't choose, she likes them all equally. ^_^

And here are some more character descriptions, plus the chibi faces we made using the Anime Face Maker and Chibi Maker by Gen8, that are not in the official thread:


Age: 18
Persona: Cute & Charming
Ze good: Kind-hearted, respectful, a sweet gentleman, helpful, and has perfect manners.
Ze bad: Leon's poor self-esteem makes him think that he'll never be good enough for anything and therefore, he has lots of insecurities and frustrations. He is constantly jealous of everyone around him and is easily hurt.

Notes: When we were planning this I was thinking of Gary Oak from Pokemon... I dunno why. As for the appearance he has light brown hair and emerald eyes. Ever the sporty type, he is always in loose denim pants and sweatshirts or hoodies.


Age: 20
Persona: Calm & Peaceful
Ze good: Aiden loves animals. He is very caring, enjoys peace and serenity, and nice to everyone.
Ze bad: He has a dark... dark side... unbeknownst to most people. He is very hot-headed and has lots of pent-up anger. Aiden also has a tendency to "explode" when he gets too angry. He has a kinda twisted (psychopathic anyone?! XD) mind that is hard to understand.

Notes: Aiden is my favorite character in terms of development. ;) I think his story will also be the most complicated... but of course that depends on you. :D Also, personality-wise he is very similar to Matt Engarde of Ace Attorney. And also of umm... Gray and Vaughn of Harvest Moon. In reverse though. XD


No low ponytail, and the yellow eyes don't suit him here. ^_^

Age: 19
Persona: ???
Ze good: He is brave, quite thoughtful, and a real gentleman. Although he tries to hide it, Seth's sweet and caring personality sometimes shines through the barriers he put up around himself. He is very wise beyond his years, mainly due to his difficult experiences in life.
Ze bad Seth is very anti-social and holds grudges against so many people in his life before. He is always afraid to let people "in" because they might just leave him and hurt him again. 
He is very introverted and his past is also shrouded in mystery. Personally I think he is the hardest guy to court here. Seth doesn't want anyone to bring down his high walls, but hopefully, MC will do it and bring him out into the loving world again. :D

Notes: Well... truthfully, I don't have a freakin' clue what Seth could possibly look like. XD When I think of him, I think of a cross between Klavier and Kristoph Gavin of Ace Attorney. Again, I dunno why. I also think of Cliff from Harvest Moon! Oooh. One thing's for sure though, when I think of Seth, he always has long hair. -____- 

These faces won't be their official ones of course, but they will look something like this. ^_^
That's it for now. Check our Lemmasoft thread for more details and updates! <3

Thank you very much!

UPDATE(1/7): More concept art! Yay. :")

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  1. wowww this is great and the story is interesting.
    and leon really looks like gary oak so, maybe thats why you think of him. hahahaa your notes also sound like an official description. did you make the desciptions too?

  2. Yes, I thought so too! That was why I decided to help out. :) You thought so too? =) Leon really does. I suggested that to Kait you know, because I find that Pokemon Professor cute. <3

    Oh, do you mean in the notes section? Thank you for saying so. Nope. The official descriptions were made by Kait. The notes with ze good and ze bad... well, they were written by me. :) That is the edited version of what I sent Kait when she asked me to flesh out the characters. We merged our ideas into one.

    Thanks for dropping by!

  3. This looks so interesting! :D Good Luck! ^^


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