Updates! Frailty -Broken Wings-



We have some updates about Frailty -Broken Wings-! :)

Here are some more concept art from Suqling:

Art by Suqling.

^^ Conceptual art for Leon. Personally I like A best, and even Kait does. How about you? Hahaha. This is not yet the actual Leon design though. We're still changing some things. What do you guys think about Suqling's art? Beautiful, huh? =) I honestly love the style of her drawings.

T - B: Seth, Leon, Aiden

And Suqling seems to like Ace Attorney as much as I do too! <3 Klavier Gavin is one of my favorite characters in the whole series, so I am absolutely thrilled of the fact that our very own Sethy is kinda based on him. (Although he's more based on Kristoph Gavin. ^_^)

All these art is making me more excited for this visual novel. <3 Wish us luck, okay? :)


EDIT: Now that Suqling has mentioned it... I realize that Aiden does look like Klavier Gavin!

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2 berries

  1. Haha, I think you mean Aiden looks like Klavier?
    I liked how Kait gave Aiden a dark side-- outwardly he is kind and gentlemanly but once that facade breaks he reveals an inner monster. It's creepy, but so cool * u*

  2. Hahaha, oh, now that you've mentioned it, I realize that's also true. <3 I saw the evil Kristoph in Seth though... that's kinda what I meant. ^_^

    And yes! That's so right. :D We sort of connected him to Matt Engarde. ;) AA fan, do you know that guy? =) He's just like Aiden.


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