Visual Novel Review: Summer Found Me II


Summer Found Me

So, here's the part II: my actual review and thoughts for this game. Teehee.

- Devlin and Seth's paths. Very cuuute. <3 Alden's was so-so. Hahaha.
- I didn't notice the music much, but I kinda liked it. :)
- Love the menu. <3
- The main character! She wasn't dry as... dry, and she wasn't like the typical protagonist. Well, a bit at times, but she was quite fun. :)
See? She can be pretty deep. I can relate to that sentence... a LOT.

Again, something I can relate to. You rock main character! :)
- The story. I know some people who said this story didn't catch their attention, but maybe that was because it had a simple plot and goal. To confess to her long time crush Alden. I have to admit, that was... too simple I guess, but if you overlook that, you'll see that this is a really wonderful game that teenage girls can relate to.

- The art was alright, but the CGs were... well, they were quite pretty! But why did I put this on the dislikes? Because... the CG looks so different from the sprite art. Maybe they were drawn by a different person? But anyway, it kinda ruined the experienced for me. Just a bit. Although the art is good too you know! Just that... it didn't match.

See? Does it look like Devlin? Well... a bit. But not much. He looks so different there.

Is it just me or does the two of them look so... awkward? Seth looks kinda... girly there too. And what's with Ran's other hand? Isn't it... too long...? It looks like she's leaning to the side just to make that pose. And when did Seth change into a sleeveless shirt?

This one is probably the cutest CG, but they look more like siblings than lovers. Seriously.

Will I recommend this? If you're a fan of otome games, then yes, definitely. I give this a 9/10. :) It was really good, and you'd definitely enjoy the story. The only thing I didn't like was the evident difference between the character sprites and the CGs, but even that can be overlooked. ^_^

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