2nd Update! Frailty -Broken Wings-



We have another update! So far our VN is going so well. <3


L-R: Delilah, Seth, Leon and Aiden by Suqling
Kait asked me to think of good cutcenes and sweet moments between the characters. With these graphics, I think I'm gonna do a pretty good job visualizing it. I mean just look at those bachelors! Aww, I love them all, especially Leon. They all remind me of someone special though. <3

Here are some more conceptual art:

This is Seth! The first one reminds of a friend. Hahaha. You know, the guy from my Intramurals? He looks just like Sethy, aside from the low ponytail of course. And he also dresses like that! Plus the shoes. O_o

If looks are all that matters, I would most definitely choose Seth. Hahaha.

I definitely have something against Aiden's nose. -___- And he doesn't look like their age either! He looks like he's in his late-20s even though he's just... err, exactly 20. 

But Kait and I are making Aiden's story the most complicated one, remember? :) 

I still have something against that super manly appearance though.

Aha, Leon is my personal favorite. I don't know why, and even if I did, I won't tell you. Just play the game yourself. Haha, kidding. :) But seriously. I find him the most adorable out of the three.

So... what do you guys think of their designs? I think Suqling did another great job on these drawings. I'm really starting to admire that girl more. Hahaha.

Wish us luck!


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