A Twist in Time



Heyyo everyone!

I am a fan of Disney Princesses. I love Ariel, the fun-loving, playful little mermaid princess from Atlantica the most. But one of my favorite movies is the 3rd installment from the Cinderella series, Cinderella: A Twist in Time. I mean, there's no reason to not like it. It's beautiful, deep and not to mention, musical. Besides, my most favorite part of the story is the "lesson" it imparts. No matter what happens, if you're meant to be, it will be. Which is so true anyway.

Oh yeah, I know it's obvious. Like most girls my age, I love romance and stories about happy endings. Stories like those always give me an energy boost and I don't even understand how. I just get all... hyper when it comes to happy stuff.

So... that's it for now I guess. Oh, and this is also my first post here in this blog! Yay!


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